At AVR Security Systems, we understand the needs of the various industries we serve and are able to design and/or manage a system to provide the best possible protection for establishments of any size and scope. Our expert team evaluates the needs of each client – those with one site and others with multiple locations – and customizes a security system to meet the unique challenges and potential risks.


K-8 Schools • Middle & High Schools • Colleges & Universities • Technical Schools • Day Care • Public & Private • Dorms & Student Housing

Children can be the most vulnerable and today, security at schools no longer confined to kids teasing on the playground or teams competing on sports field. From the youngest age to prom-going teens, surveillance is needed to augment the already vigilant protocols in place protect students and the staff that guide them. Large college campuses with dorms and student centers carry inherent risks.

Office Buildings/Complexes

Standalone • Single Story • Mid-Rise • High- Rise • Single & Multi-Tenant • Flex Space

Office buildings and complexes range in size. There are standalone locations, multi-story structures and complexes with multiple buildings. Security is needed to protect the office site – both the interior and exterior – and insure that people who work or visit the office are safe. In addition, the system plan must account for varying levels of access and depending on the environment, security requirements may differ from one company’s office to the next.

Industrial/Manufacturing Plants

Food • Metal • Electronics • Transportation • Wood, Paper, & Leather • Consumer Products

From industrial facilities filled with products and materials to manufacturing plants engaged in the production of any number of goods, security is paramount to protecting the people, property and site itself. In many cases, the manufacturers have to work shifts at all hours.  Similarly, warehouses ship both day and night. The security systems require full time access 24 hours a day/365 days a year and monitoring to ensure the best possible protection, including hazardous materials and other danger areas.

Warehouses/Storage Facilities

Multi-Tenant • Cold Storage • Distribution Centers • Government • Smart/Robotic (AI) • Public & Private Self-Storage

Whether protecting inventory at a large distribution center or personal belongings in self-storage, around-the-clock security is key to keeping property safe. Lighting and surveillance cameras have an will always be important but advances in technology, such as virtual guards and remote monitoring, have expanded the options available for property and business owners. These same systems those who work at warehouses and other storage sites.

Apartments/Assisted Living Facilities

Low-rise Apartments • Mid-rise Apartments • High-rise Apartments • Mixed-use • Independent Living Communities • Assisted Living Facilities • Nursing Home Facilities

People will stop at nothing to feel safe at home. For those who live in apartments or multi-family condominiums, security can be in the hands of others and extend beyond one’s front door or lawn.  There are parking lots, common spaces and other areas that require monitoring day and night. Facilities for seniors and individuals with special needs, where loved ones are cared for by others demand constant security both for residents, caretakers and guests.


Restaurants • Hotels/Motels • Catering Halls • Sports Arenas • Casinos • Meeting Venues

Whether a locally owned restaurant or multi-story hotel, the importance of proper security is critical to business. There is the property itself and the products, equipment and valuables on the premises. There are the people, including management, staff and guests. There is company information that is the lifeline of a business. Since establishments vary greatly in size and scope, a customized security system is needed to meet the unique challenges and potential risks.

Retail/Shopping Centers

Standalone Storefronts • Indoor/Outdoor Shopping Centers • Drive-Thru Locations • Malls & Promenades • Car Dealerships • Gas Stations • Convenience Stores • Parking Lots

Security needs for the retail industry are vast – from shoplifting within a boutique to auto theft at a large-scale shopping center, from vandalism to unauthorized access. In addition to protecting property, customers should be safe when they shop and staff needs to feel secure as they work. The systems in place require protection both inside the stores or mall and the outside areas leading to them..

And More

Gyms • Parking Garages • Nurseries • Agriculture • Auto Repair • Child Care Facilities • Construction & Contractors • Distributers • Garden & Landscape • Medical offices • Pet Supply • Etc.

No matter if it is to protect people, property, place or all three, security options are many and needed for businesses large and small.